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Mystery Surrounds Library`s Secret Chamber

Mysterious Secret Chamber
A secret chamber, left untouched for centuries, has been discovered by archaeologists in Kolkata. The chamber, located deep within a massive library said to be haunted, has no entrances from any angle yet has been confirmed to be an undiscovered and secret room. What will explorers find when the walls come down? If the library's history is any indicator, this could prove to be quite an interesting case indeed. Could this room be the secret to the ghosts that have been haunting National Library since it was built almost 250 years ago?

The chamber, reportedly included in the original building plans but then forgotten about for centuries, could have any number of things in it. Speculation has abounded that the room could have originally been a torture chamber that was sealed over in the Victorian era or a tomb ala Edgar Allen Poes "A Casque of Amantillado."
It's also possible, some working with the library have said with baited breath, that the room could contain a long lost treasure from the library. And yet the ghosts haunting the corridors of this old building may bear a striking clue that this room could contain a number of dead bodies - long turned to skeletons as the ravages of time ticked away.

It's certainly not unheard of for members of royalty to create massive rooms for the purpose of hiding away treasure, or walling up those who had wronged royalty in a cruel and terrifying show of power. In this case, such an old room may actually provide answers to any number of historical questions. If it were treasure, the library would not likely be able to sell it due to its historical importance. Rather, it would likely donate such objects to a museum in order to preserve the history of the origins of the building. After all, libraries are a place where one goes to seek answers to mysteries. But in this case, it appears the library is also a place where mystery can be found in abundance.

But there are other possibilities as well. What hidden relics of the past could possibly be discovered in this secret chamber? Archaeologists are awaiting approval to get a small light inserted into the wall with an attached camera to snake through and search the room. It appears the only known way of getting through into the mystery chamber would be by use of a small camera and light. So far all searches for a secret door have turned up nothing. Even the floors and ceilings of the approximate area around the structure have been searched thoroughly with no success.

The idea of a secret room in a haunted library with a secret room has been featured in a number of mystery novels. And such a room has always been the subject of interest in popular culture, even if they are rare to find. The question of what exists in this room, however, will likely be something that will be haunting us until answers are released. We can only wait to see if what the room contains will prove even more haunting.
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