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Ghostly Figures Caught on Film near York Minster

Ghostly Figures Caught on Film near York Minster
A York man claims he had a ghostly encounter while walking with a friend and his dog near York Minster. Paul Simpson, of The Groves, took two photographs of the Minster from Precentor’s Court, at about 6pm on a Sunday in November. Mr. Simpson said: “The first photograph I took was very dark so I went to take another. The dog, which is normally very placid, started going mad, barking and growling. We both wondered what was wrong with the dog, but we didn’t think anymore about it. “It was a week or so later when I looked at the photographs and saw the ghostly figures. One has a distinct face.” Mr Simpson said: “I was sceptical about ghosts. “I’ve shown the picture to two or three friends and they were amazed. It’s very very curious.” Mr Simpson now plans to consult another friend, York ghost walk organiser Trevor Rooney, to find out about the history of the area and any known ghosts around Precentor’s Court.

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