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Real Ghost Stories about Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Chicago

Haunted Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
There are many haunted ghost Bachelors Grove Cemetery stories, eerie tales and legends told about this actual abandoned cemetery, than any other place in the Chicago. Located on the edge of the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve, near the suburb of Midlothian, Illinois. This haunted cemetery is said to be filled with ghosts. Many tales of paranormal reports of strange phenomena have been collected about this place.

The White Lady (Mrs. Rogers or The Madonna of Bachelor's Grove)

The lady dressed in white is known to walk the grounds of the cemetery during a full moon. The deceased woman rumored to be the White Lady is buried in the cemetery beside her son and can sometimes be seen holding a baby in her arms.

The Walking Dead Man

One of the most famous of recent sightings of a strange ghost is of a man walking around the area and high shrubs near a few gravestones. What makes this account so strange is you can only see he from the waist up it was caught on film in a recent video and on camera. A very real picture shows the transparent image of a man fressed in a white shirt comfortably standing in the woods.

The Phantom Farmhouse

Not all ghosts are confined to the cemetery, and not all ghost are people. On the path leading to the cemetery, a picturesque white farmhouse appears and then quickly disappears. Most reports of this phenomenon happened around the 1950s.

The Farmer and his Horse

In the 1870's a farmer plowing the land near the cemetery got too close to the famous lagoon, proving to be a fatal mistake. The horse fell into the water first, pulling the plow and farmer in with him. Almost 100 years later, two forest rangers reported seeing the same farmer still plowing his land by the lagoon.

The Two-Headed Ghost

No substantial information can be found on this strange apparition. The sinister background of the famous lagoon is known for making this ghost; the reason for its two heads is open to interpretation.

Lights and Orbs

This site has common sightings of blue colored lights and orbs that fly about the cemetery. Some other accounts talk of reds comet-like lights flying over the graves.

Naked Ghosts

Some recent Drivers walking through on the turnpike say they have seen naked or half dressed in rags beople or so they thought walking slowly or moving real strange. When coming around the actual curve, they collide with what seems to them real solid nude people. And in a flash they are gone.

Ghost Cars

Drivers passing through on the turnpike outside of the gravel path will come up to a sharp curve in the road. When coming around the curve, they collide with what seems to be a vintage 1940's gangster car. What they learn after the first shock has past is that there is no damage, no pain, and no other car.

The Woman sitting on the Grave

One of the most famous sights is the woman sitting on a gravestone. What makes this account so famous is that it was caught on camera and featured in the Chicago Sun-Times. A very real picture shows the transparent image of a woman sitting comfortably and staring away from the camera out into the woods.

The Crying Baby

One of the most recent EVP's at two gravestones. is a reoccuring EVP of a infant crying loud and long ... Several have recently captured it on tape and digitsal recorders and video sound tracks. The child is said to wail, scream and gasp for breath between it's sobbing.

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