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Fourth Horseman "Ghost" of the Apocalypse appears at Egypt protests (Video)

On 22 November 2012, millions of protesters began protesting against Morsi, after his government announced a temporary constitutional declaration that in effect granted the president unlimited powers. Morsi deemed the decree necessary to protect the elected constituent assembly from a planned dissolution by judges appointed during the Mubarak era.
Footage of rioting in Cairo appears to show a ghost horse and rider. This is extended video with slow motion. At the 1:20 mark you clearly see some greenish figure moving through the crowd. Whether it’s the reflection of the fire on the camera lense or something else, it is just amazing and remains a stange phenomenon.

Video of Ghost Horse and Rider (from 1:16)

The Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse (Ruz Disdar)

‘The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ that are warned about in the book of Revelation is the topic for this session. Russ lays out for us the Prophesied events that lead us towards the End the World as we know it, the coming Dark Chaos that is being unleashed and how Mankind will be affected…

The White Horse and The Rider

The Spiritual Global Conquest of Deception and Seduction, The Birth and Spirit of antichrist.

The Red Fiery Horse and The Rider

All Hell breaks loose… Chaos, ‘The Black Awakening’.

The Black Horse and The Rider

Scarcity, Famine, Economic Collapse and The Coming Control of The antichrist system – Forced Compliance of Billions.

The Pale Horse and The Rider

Death, Hell, A Fourth of the Earth Killed by Sword, Famine… and Wild Beasts (Nephilim – Dark Spirits)
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