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Ghost Busters: Spirits found at Old Jail

Old Jail in Ohio
A pair of paranormal investigators said they discovered evidence of ghost activity while spending the night at an abandoned Ohio jail. 

Tom Robson and Michelle Duke, co-founders of Southeastern Ohio Paranormal Investigators, said their team captured audio and video evidence of spirits haunting the Licking County Jail building, which was built in 1889 and has been empty for decades, The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch reported Wednesday.The pair, who are both corrections officers for the Zanesville Police Department, and their seven-member team spent the night at the facility in November.

"I've always considered myself a skeptical believer," Robson said. "I believe in the paranormal, but you have to prove it to me beyond a shadow of a doubt."The team said they are hoping to return to the jail for further investigation.

"You just want answers," Robson said. "Not just for other people, but for yourself."

Southeastern Ohio Paranormal Investigators (S.E.O.P.I.)

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