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School Closed After Demons Attack

Malindza Primary School has been closed after pupils were attacked by demons. The school has been closed since last week. The pupils, especially those in grade seven, would say they were seeing snakes before screaming and hallucinating.

Demons Attack
“They would refuse to go inside the classrooms saying they were seeing weird creatures,” said one resident, identified as Make Dlamini.
She said though the teachers tried to hold prayers for the children it did not work.
The school re-opened yesterday but there were no classes as teachers and parents were still trying to find a solution to the demons attack. One of the pupils said when the demons attacked her, she first heard someone calling her name. She said she then saw a snake coming towards her and that was when she started screaming for help.
Another said she told someone else about the attack and the next day she heard someone asking her why she had talked about her ‘demon’ experience. “It was quite scary because you never know when it would attack you. I am not comfortable coming to class now because I feel like the demons are here,” he said.
He said he woke up in the middle of the night having nightmares, stating, “I think this affected me because I constantly think about what I saw.”
Another pupil, who was not affected, said he was not scared when he saw some of his colleagues hallucinating and calling out for help. He said at first he just laughed and thought they were being funny not thinking that the attack was serious. “As some of my colleagues continued to say they saw things then I thought maybe I should be worried,” he said.

Some parents blame teachers for demons

Some parents have claimed there were some teachers who ‘planted’ evil spirits at the school.
They said at one time the teachers gave their children a paper with a message that they should make copies and pass it on to 20 people.
They alleged that the note stated that when this was done then the child would get E15 000.
Norah Zwane said the paper, which was given to one of the children, was written “ungangilahli, ungahlekisi ngami, ungayi ngami etoilet.”
Sibongile Ndzinisa said though it was the first time the children had been attacked by the demons teachers were once victims of such attacks.

Police, teachers, REO in 4-hour meeting

Police, teachers and the Regional Education Officer were locked in a four-hour meeting trying to find a solution to the prevailing situation.
The principal, who was only identified as Mthembu, refused to comment on what was being discussed at the meeting.
He only said he could not deny that there were attacks at the school but referred all questions to the ministry of education.
“This is not the first time this has happened; we are still going to inform the ministry about the issue, so I cannot talk about it,” he said.

Parents call mass prayer

Parents would soon call a mass prayer for peaceful learning at Malindza primary school.
One of the members of Bomake Bentsaba (prayer group) said they held a prayer at the school yesterday morning.
She said: “We were here even on Monday as there were no classes. If we are going to take this situation lightly it would disturb learning and we do not want our children to fail.”
The prayer women were found at the school and said without God’s intervention they would not be able to win the ‘battle’.
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