Archive of the unexplained and paranormal events which happened, we cannot find a logical explanation for them.

Conversations With the Dead

Spiritual Seance
It has been proven over centuries that conversation with the dead is possible. Mediums often contact the deceased for information and discussion. A medium in a seance acts as a channel to the spirit world and communication becomes a reality. People do communicate with the spirits and the spirits also make contact with the living as shown in poltergeist activity and cases of haunted houses. The act of contacting the dead should always be treated with care, respect, and reverence. This goes down well with them. Even though they have no physical body spirits can feel emotion and are able to sense your thoughts. Plus, here is one to note down, they are very busy in the afterlife with their own inner growth to work on and we must respect their time as we respect ours. Spirits are busy on the other side, the realm behind the veil, and are working hard on their own development. If we understand when we make contact we are taking them away from their duties we can make certain we only contact them in emergencies and only when absolutely necessary.

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