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Haitian Zombies – Who are They?

Real Haitian Zombie
It is impossible to talk about Haiti and do not affect such fashionable topics as zombies. If only because it is the only country in the world where the penal code there is an article prohibited from engaging zombies. This phenomenon – part of the everyday reality of Tahiti.

Who are the zombies, if not lies and literariness? Sustainable idea of them is. This substance, like rising from the graves of the dead. They move with a completely absent gaze, deprived of their liberty and are ordered to carry out any work: at least dig up the garden, while killing a man. Zombies – not fiction. Just around this phenomenon, too much imagination. But there are serious hypothesis. 

Black magicians in the time of the slave trade was brought from the West African recipes herbal beverages, which together with the hypnotic influence of lead man to the deep lethargy. Biological processes in the body is very slow. Even in the civilized world, these “fake dead” often fall into the morgue, and then come to life under the scalpel pathologist. And in the remote villages in Tahiti all in the hands of the black magician, priest vuduizmu – bizarre religion of slaves, a mixture of ancient magical beliefs of African tribes with elements mangled Catholicism. The priest-mage knows when and how to bring back to life (and in reality, only to awaken) their victims who have already considered dead. There are cases for approval of its power magicians bring the case to this funeral – they know how to provide the necessary air flow to the grave “dead”. 

The criminal nature of these research is still in that magical infusions really crippled man, deprived of his liberty. Zombie – obedient living mechanism. He retained only the physiology and the ability to carry out any orders. It is quite clear – this explanation is very schematic, but the closest to reality. Unfortunately, the methods of ancient magic being used not only in remote villages in Tahiti.

Zombies: When the Dead Walk - Clairvius Narcisse

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