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Is the JNIMS Hospital Haunted?

If reports are to be believed, the gynaecology department in the JNIMS hospital (located in Porompat, Imphal East, Manipur) is haunted. The exact spot where the strongest paranormal activity has been reported is the area from the toilet and the entire stretch of the corridor leading to it from the ward. (from

JNIMS Haunted Hospital
Affected people describe the experience of sensing the presence of someone close by, or tingling sensations, or changes in temperature, or heavy footsteps following them when there was clearly not a single person in that are, that is apart from the victims themselves. These experiences have been related mostly by attendants of patients, but it seems the staff on night duty have had similar experiences. What makes this story relevant is how such activities, which only be described as paranormal, affect the attendants of seriously ill people.

It is traumatic enough tending after near and dear ones and to top it all face paranormal activity could be nerve wracking. One step to clam frayed nerves could be establish the facts, that is, whether paranormal activity is going on or not in that ward. Even if is established that such activities do take place it could comfort a lot of people. The human mind is such that once faced with the inevitable it adjusts to live with it.

The answer would lie in finding intrepid people who can operate electronic voice sensors, detect movement and record temperature fluctuations. One believes temperature changes which take place suddenly are indicative of paranormal activity. These can be done at the dead of night, and anyway the scary happenings, it seems, take place only late in the night. The ambience of a hospital should be such that it soothes frayed nerves. The very presence of doctors, nurses and other competent staff should provide succour to those who feel their life is at the end of the tether. It should be a place of treatment and convalescence, a place where supportive kith, kin and good friends go to see people in distress. Fear of the unknown, particularly the scary type could be pernicious to inmates and their attendants, and in this superstition laden society of ours, the next thing we could be witnessing is bizarre spiritual cleansing exercises or downright exorcisms.

On the other hand we also do not want a scenario where you have a seriously ill patient who needs constant attention, scared as hell at the idea of dying, only to find his or her attendant coming back from the toilet ashen faced, trembling like a leaf and needing more medical attention than he or she does.
Or worse still who literally dropped dead out of horror and shock.
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