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Mystery of the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull

Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull
The Mayan the most mysterious, Masonic civilization ever existed on our planet; not only did they do some of the biggest code breaking on time and space, but they actually showed evidence of advance technology much beyond our brain capacity. British explorer Mitchell Hedges first found the skull in 1924 in South America, and that was the turning point of not just the mystery of this skull, but the entire history of Mayan and Aztecs exploded. The Crystal Skull, if looked directly under the photon camera, which shows light energy, you can not only see a highly defined vein structure inside the skull, but the whole functionality of the skull only works when the detached jaw is in place under the main body. Looking carefully into the eye socket, you will notice it has a source of light beam which exhibits different prism within it if you pass a light through. According to many scientists, this Crystal Skull could not have been made on earth, but only in zero-gravity. Even today, the modern man can not make a human skull from crystal, and have the same light energy transmit from within. It is too complicated and much beyond the intellect capacity of human even in the new millennium. Because of such facts, it not only convinces us of an alien presence back in the past, but gives us the biggest clue that we were never alone. If Maya did have an original blue print about the skull, the bigger question is why this skull was built with such mathematical and anatomically correct precision.

In history it is said that when 12 crystal skulls come together, man will finally know the answers to their existence.

Mystery of the Crystal Skulls (Documentary):

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