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Mongolian Death Worm Mystery

Mongolian Death Worm
The Mongolian Death Worm is a giant poisonous worm that allegedly lives in the Gobi Desert. It sounds like a sci-fi character, but there have been numerous encounters which support the theory that it actually exists. The worm is believed to be five feet in length and resembles a cow’s intestine. It is usually red in colour and sometimes has spikes protruding from both ends. The worm is highly dangerous and can squirt lethal venom and discharge electric shocks over several feet. Ivan Mackerle is the head of a Czech Republic team who have searched for the worm three times. During the second expedition Mackerle tried, unsuccessfully, to lure the worm out of the desert using high explosives. He returned in 2004, this time using low flying techniques to film huge stretches of the desert, but the expedition failed to capture any signs of the worm on camera. Scientists and amateur researchers are intrigued by the idea of a creature that has been reported by Mongolian nomads for hundreds of years. It could be only a matter of time before one of the many expeditions gain proof of its existence.
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