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Paranormal News: Students Claim Toilet is Haunted

Haunted Toilet
Many students from Phu Yen Province in Vietnam have fainted after claiming, that a toilet inside their dorm is haunted and they have seen ghosts.

Phan Van Tho, headmaster of the Son Hoa Ethnic Boarding High School in Son Hoa District, confirmed that a large number of boarding students have fainted or screamed at nights from unknown causes during the past month.

The time they acted strange was usually from about 8 pm to 11 pm every night, Tho said.

The first victim of the awful situation is K Pa Ho Luon, of Son Dinh Commune.

Ghost in the restroom
One night in early November, after coming back to his dorm room from the toilet area, Luon fell down to the floor, talked nonsense, scratched against the floor and walls with his two hands, and then passed out.

After being hospitalized at the Son Hoa General Hospital, Luon recovered and told everyone that he had met a ghost in the restroom.

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