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The Mystery of Black Magic

Black Magic
Some people believe that black magic works and actually exists. People find this topic interesting because it is still quite unusual. To find out if black magic works, we must first know what it is and how is supposed to be performed. 

Black art is a system that emphasizes the human ability to manipulate evil with the help of paranormal or supernatural forces. Black magic is performed with the help of various objects such as: herbs, magical symbols, ghost dance, personal items of victims, bones, earth…

People who practice black magic have sold their souls to the devil. Before a person practices magic, he must perform a special ritual in which he becomes attached to the devil, gives his soul to him, and serves him. Once the demon is activated, it can no longer be repelled. If the devil gets the soul of the victim he is satisfied but if he does not get the soul intended for him, he will also be satisfied with the soul of the man who ordered the magic and finally with the soul of the performer. As long as the person respects the devil's contract and sends sacrifices to him, nothing bad will happen to him, but if the person seeks the help of a white magician who drives the demon away, the magician must sacrifice a new victim or the demon or devil will judge him.

Black Magician
Black magicians are supposed to look horrific, but this is not true at all. They are quite ordinary people in appearance, only that their profession is unusual. Black magicians are people who are very tidy and friendly at first glance, live in tidy environments and are always ready to come to our aid. This is their charm and advantage, because you personally would never have thought or even believed that these people are involved in black magic. 

The spells are usually performed at night, between 1.00 and 3.00 in the morning. Magic is made according to ancient "recipes". A successful ritual requires personal items that depend on the type of magic. Black magician wraps objects with wool, thread, or fills them with flesh, bones, earth, paper, grass…. During the “packing” process, the magician calls his “friendly” demonic force. Thus the astral passage is established. Once this is connected, the client usually receives this item back and has to hide it near the victim or put it in food or drink. When this energy connects with yours then the demon enters your soul and aura and thus the cycle of the curse begins.

Voodoo Black Magic
90% of people who order magic are relatives, acquaintances or friends. Most often it is love magic, financial magic that weakens people's financial situation, and then psychic magic that robs people of mental stability. 
The most famous spells are gypsy magic, Wallachian magic, voodoo magic. We don't have to help ourselves with a solution from magic, but a one-time visit to a black magic remover or healer is enough. A real healer doesn't want money from you. A fake healer is most easily recognized if he tells you in advance that a visit to him is not free. One of the rules for a healer is that he should never charge someone a certain amount for treatment. A record may be accepted from the therapist, which must be handwritten on white paper, other forms of protection written on paper and healing water. 
If we find an object of black magic, we throw it into the water or the river or burn it and then bury it far away and do not return there. Once a person is found to be under the influence of black magic, victims should never told who did the black magic to them. If the victim found out who did the black magic to her and went to that person, told her the truth or threatened her, this would violate the law of white magic. You should never directly accuse anyone of making or sending you black magic, even if you know that it is that person, as the law of magic would be violated in this case and could turn against you or the one who did it to you. On the other hand, the curiosity of "who did this to me" is inside a person. 
Well, black magic is always made by people who are very close to us, even the closest ones, so these findings can often be very shocking for all people and sometimes it’s even best to never find out who did this to us. Also, in the business world, the use of magic is as widespread as the use of telepathic powers, all the way to the worst rituals of obsession and provoking death.

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