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Pythian Castle Now Certified as an Official Haunted Place

Pythian Castle
Pythian Castle is a certified haunted location, owner Tamara Finocchiaro said. “You have (paranormal) experiences,” Finocchiaro said. “Then you get some professionals to come in and see if they have (paranormal) experiences. Once they seem like they get something that’s reputable or verifiable, then they certify you.”

“Paranormal experiences at the castle include strange sounds, voices, cold spots and images,” said Tim Piland, who gives tours there – He has spent several nights at the castle, reports Sarah Bennett for News

”Many professionals have visited Pythian Castle over the years and confirmed hauntings,” he said.

“The entities at the castle are more active when there are people around,” Finocchiaro said. ”They react to the people,” she said. “I think they’re bored when there’s no one around. There’s no one to play with.”

“There are multiple entities haunting the castle,” Finocchiaro said, “such as children from its days as an orphanage and men from its military days.”

“The ghosts are not malevolent,” she said, “but they are protective of the castle and can be mischievous toward those who disrespect their home.”

According to Bennett, “One of the castle’s well known ghosts is ‘Jeff,’ whom Finocchiaro said will respond to visitors who disturb him.”

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