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Nibiru: Planet X

Modern science has discovered the existence of an unknown planet on the edge of our solar system. The planet has a very large mass (possibly up to five times that of Earth) and an as yet undetermined distance - supposedly about half a light year from the Sun.

It was discovered by a mathematical method, based on unusual anomalies in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune, as well as in the belt of asteroids that orbit within the solar system. Admittedly, these anomalies were noted long before the discovery of Pluto in 1929, when it was speculated about the existence of a huge celestial body, in the immediate 'nearby', which causes them. The discovery of the miniature Pluto could not provide a satisfactory answer as to why the two large planets have irregular paths, so the question remained open until today.

Why did it take almost a century to come out with more serious information about the mysterious planet? Absence of technical capabilities or something else, can only be guessed. But it is good to remember that Uranus was discovered with a primitive telescope in 1781, and Neptune in 1846.

However, the difference between this and the other planets in the solar system is huge and this is the main reason for the confusion and concern of today's astronomers and scientists. And the main peculiarity of the planet is that it moves in an elliptical path and opposite rotation around the axis than all other planets.

The concern is all the greater because of the delicacy of the phenomenon that could threaten life on Earth, and the official announcement would, of course, cause incredible reactions around the world. It is hard to imagine what kind of disturbances religious communities would experience, due to the fact that the planet is inhabited by an advanced civilization, and especially the Christian Church, whose blood-built foundations and 2,000-year-old doctrine would be severely shaken. Disturbances in the world of capital and finance are difficult to even think about, and those who have chosen for themselves the roles of on-call world guardians, on the front line of defense of civilizational achievements (and capital, above all) are most afraid of that.

Where the planet is currently located is not known, but there are certain speculations and they are a good basis for various calculations and predictions. What future awaits us and whether we will soon witness an apocalyptic celestial event no one can say for sure, but we should not forget the indisputable fact that the Earth, like the entire solar system, cyclically goes through turbulent periods; natural disasters, climate change, disappearing civilizations...!

Sumerians and Nibiru

What is confusing news to modern scientists, the ancient Sumerians knew 6,000 years ago. They wrote down their knowledge in various ways, including on the so-called 'clay tablets', which, in part and by some miracle, have been preserved to this day.

However, the data found on those plates are unacceptable to today's scientists, not because they are not interesting or worth studying, but because they contradict their, for the most part, patriarchal teaching, based primarily on Darwin's evolutionary theses and man arising from primates or a monkey!?

Fortunately, there are exceptions worth mentioning. First of all, the prematurely deceased Carl Sagan, a man with a great open mind, who dared twenty years ago, in his fantastic series (and book) 'Cosmos', to mention '... a huge, dark planet orbiting in the depths of the Milky Way, about which we know almost nothing except that there is life on it...' !!! Who still remembers wonderful trips on an imaginary ship - a dandelion and flying over a mysterious planet?

Dr. John Murray, a British astronomer, after extensive mathematical calculations, was the first to dare to disclose data on the existence of a large, unknown planet in the neighborhood of the solar system, as the cause of unusual deviations in the paths of distant comets. Physicist Daniel Whitmire and astronomers from the American University of Louisiana came to the same conclusion. And that only 12 years ago, in 1999. dr. Zecharia Sitchin, is a scientist who, for more than fifty years, has not been directing his research towards the sky, but rather the opposite, towards the earth, digging in archaeological sites, studying the history written by ancient peoples.

He is one of the few people in the world who can read the Sumerian script and, as he says in the Prologue of his book 'The Twelfth Planet', he has devoted his life to the study of the Old Testament, the Book of Genesis and the history of the ancient Near East; Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Hittite, Canaanite and other ancient texts and epic stories.

Archaeological discoveries and the deciphering of ancient records confirmed the correctness of biblical allusions to kingdoms, cities, rulers, temples and customs of ancient times. The Old Testament states in several places: 'The throne of Yahweh is in the heavens'... 'From the heavens the Lord looks down on the Earth'. Manuscripts of the ancient Near East, including a wealth of astronomical data, speak unequivocally of the existence of a planet from which the astronauts or 'gods' arrived. All ancient peoples believed in gods who descended to earth from heaven and who could fly from earth back to heaven.

Is a Planet or a Starship?

All previous research, findings, assumptions, calculations, interpretations or simply our wishes about the mysterious planet as the abode of an advanced race have changed a lot in the last years. There are several versions of the latest research that it is not an 'ordinary' planet, albeit an atypical trajectory, but a planet-starship, equipped for long galactic journeys, but also for warfare and defense.

Superficially, this looks like some detail from sci-fi movies, but everything is much more complex and believable than the movie, and one should not lose sight of the fact that the film industry persistently comes up with the most incredible scenarios with huge dollar budgets. A question to think about: 'Who and with what intention'!?

But here we are talking about the planet that we affectionately call Nibiru, although it is given various nicknames and names; from Planet X (!?), Dark Star, Brown Dwarf to the 10th planet (the 10th in our solar system, even though that planet doesn't belong there at all). Thus, a planet up to 4 times larger than Earth orbits in an elliptical path within the Milky Way and enters our system approximately every 3,600 years. Hence the appropriation of this cosmic traveler and its inclusion in the order of planets orbiting the Sun. But according to the claims of some media (in the true sense of the word) Nibiru belongs to the 'Galactic Federation' of our galaxy (called the Milky Way on Earth) as its main representative. Due to its specificity that as a planet it travels relatively huge distances and thus touches many areas of the galaxy, Nibiru was chosen as a kind of ambassador and nursery of civilizations. If Nibiru is just one federation station where is the base !?

Originally, Nibiru was created by the disintegration of the star Sirius B and thrown into the cosmos in that collision. Too small to catch fire and thus become a new sun, it takes an elliptical path attracted by a more powerful body, most likely our Sun. At one point in distant cosmic prehistory, passing through the solar system, it hit a huge planet (Tiamat, according to Sumerian records) that was in its way, and from that union, today's Earth, the Moon and the asteroid belt - the 'Heavenly Bracelet' were born.

How, when and why Nibiru was inhabited by the first civilization remains an enigma. But what we are probably more interested in than that is the question of what the imminent passage of that planet means for Earth. In order to understand this, it is necessary to keep in mind three key facts;

Nibiru is a planet up to four times larger than the Earth, which in its perigee passes through the path between Mars and Jupiter,

Nibiru is inhabited by a more advanced civilization,

Nibiru is not only a planet but also a spaceship equipped with a huge number of aircraft and weapons.

At one point in its history, Nibiru went from being the abode of lower life forms to the abode of a more advanced species that needed a suitable environment to live on such a traveling planet in the conditions of a long-term absence of sunlight. The planet has literally been hollowed out and all life has been transferred to its bowels, while on the surface there are facilities and aircraft and weapons bases.

And while all this may seem strange and unbelievable to us, it is not out of place to take a look at our wonderful planet and peer under the surface. Allegedly, the Earth is also crisscrossed with underground tunnels, many of which were not built by known civilizations. The reason for the existence of underground residences on Earth, if they are not intended for mining ores, probably lies in the need to hide the inhabitants in a safer environment while extraordinary circumstances occur on the surface of the planet - for example, a disruption of solar activity!?

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