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"Ghosts" Found at County Museum

Ghost of Judge Jeffreys
A group of investigators from Weymouth have released the findings of their investigation into paranormal activity in Dorset County Museum in Dorchester. They have photos which they believe to be of "hanging" Judge Jeffreys and local fossil collector Mary Anning in the museum's main hall. The PIT believe this image is the ghostly figure of Judge Jeffreys. Judge George Jeffreys died in 1689 and Mary Anning in 1847.

Dorset County
The team used infra red cameras, barrier alarms and EMF meters during their investigation. EMF meters measure electromagnetic fields. They are scientific instruments that are often also used by people with an interest in the paranormal. "What we've found now is amazing - we're really chuffed," said case manager Trudy Jordan of the PIT (Paranormal Investigation Team) group. "It wasn't until we looked at the footage afterwards that you could actually make out the figure of a man.... You can make your own mind up but it's so detailed," she said. "We also have a photo of a woman with a cape going round her shoulders, and no head."

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