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"Army of the Dead” Gives Ghost Hunters International a Serbian Scare

Ghost Hunters in Serbia
In the latest episode entitled, “Army of the Dead”, the Ghost Hunters International team visited Petrovaradin Fortress in Serbia. Located on the bank of Danube river in the town of Novi Sad, this fortress stands as a testament to times long passed, gracing modern European structures around it with a scent of the old and mysterious.

Spread over a huge perimeter, this set of structures, built over 3 centuries ago, attracts tourists from all over the world who seek adventure or just a beautiful day of hiking and sightseeing alike with its unique structure and charm. It is known as a largest undestroyed fortress in Europe.
What spices things up is a maze of underground tunnels that stretches for 12 miles. Rumor has it that back in the day, the tunnels reached Budapest in Hungary, but over 80% of those tunnels were destroyed and collapsed by use and time.
Catacombs have claimed over 200 lives in this present time according to local files, but so many more back in the time it was built and used.
Shadow figures, grey mists and black masses are often mentioned in context of the tunnels. Stories about running footsteps, dragging chains, tortured prisoners, cold spots and people being touched are bouncing off those hallways like an echo of mystery.
The team was shown to the execution wall where moans of over 200 prisoners that were shot was reportedly heard and the rumble of rifle fire is often audible.
They were also shown the Satanic ritual rooms inside the tunnels with massive collections of bones.
In attempt to not give away too much information, it still must be mentioned that the team had some great personal back-of-the-neck-hair-raising experiences that were somewhat backed up with the evidence and the location itself.

Ghost Hunters International - Army of the Dead: Serbia

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