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Video Footage Shows Mysterious Flying Girl in Russia

Mysterious Flying Girl in Russia
The strangest footage to come out this week so far hails from Russia as one man witnesses a mysterious girl levitating in the woods suddenly running away after displaying the incredible feat and being unwittingly filmed. The details of this case are strange, but judging from the various analyses of this still fairly obscure piece of paranormal footage, the incident is sure to raise several questions. It all starts with the man talking to his dog and filming it in the middle of what appears to be an autumn forest. The dog, whose name is presumably Tarzan appears inattentive and shortly disappears behind the trees barking. As the dog runs off, the man follows with the camera and in the distance we can see two shapes. As he focuses in on the girl you can clearly see that she is in the middle of a clearing with no objects above her and she is simply hovering there moving as if blowing in the wind and holding her arms out as though attempting to keep her arms steady. As the man reacts, his dog runs back to him and the camera moves away from the girl flying. When it returns back to them you can see the girl standing there alongside an older woman and the two run off into the woods just as mysteriously as they appeared.

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