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'Ghost' of Former Pub Landlady Caught on Camera

Margaret Gunter GhostCould  this grainy image be the ghost of former Forest landlady Margaret Gunter? Paranormal experts claim to have caught the apparition on camera during an investigation at a Forest pub. They were called to the mystery venue by the current landlady who claims to have seen the spectre on numerous occasions during her 22 year tenure.

The Forest Paranormal Investigations (FPI) team, who looked into the ghostly goings-on, claim the image matches a picture in the bar of Margaret, who ran the pub in the 1890s.
FPI's Adam Heath, who lives in Parkend, said he was blown away after realising they had captured visual proof of the other-wordly being.
He said: "When I played the footage back and saw the face it was an incredible feeling. It was like the face just jumped out at me.
"After 10 years of working in the paranormal field, to finally get something like this was just amazing. We are one step closer to proving there is life after life."
The story took an even more spooky twist after it was discovered that Margaret was the great, great aunt of FPI team member Tim Gunter, something he was previously unaware of.
Research later revealed that she died suddenly at Lydney Picture House in 1934.
Paula Meek, from FPI, described the seconds leading up to the team's discovery.
She said: "There was a lot of banging and tapping going on. Then Adam saw it with his own eyes. The second time, it tapped the camera which drew our attention to it."
After reviewing their footage Adam and the team, which also includes Coleford Festival organiser Vicki Thornton, returned to the pub to try and rule out all other possibilities for the strange sight. Using scientific equipment the team's forensic approach failed to uncover any natural explanation.
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