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Figure Found Hidden in Da Vinci's Mona Lisa

Figure Found Hidden in Da Vinci's Mona Lisa
Since Dan Brown's popular novel was published there has been a surge of interest in identifying hidden symbolism within the paintings of the Renaissance genius. In a new video uploaded to YouTube earlier this month, conspiracy theorists believe that they have identified a hidden image within the background of Leonardo Da Vinci's best known painting, the Mona Lisa, which can be revealed by creating a mirrored duplicate of the painting and placing the two copies side by side.

Hidden Figure in Da Vinci's Mona LisaMany theologians believe that Leonardo Da Vinci deliberately concealed secret codes and subliminal messages in most of his work, the video caption states. Critics however argue that the figure is too vague and requires too much digital enhancement to have been an intended part of the painting, instead blaming the discovery on pareidolia, the tendency for the human brain to make out meaningful shapes in otherwise abstract patterns. The claim that Da Vinci had been attempting to reference some form of extraterrestrial connection within the Catholic Church has also been met with an understandably high degree of skepticism.

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