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Man Speaks 'Venusian' in Vintage BBC Clip

Man Speaks 'Venusian' in Vintage BBC Clip
The bizarre footage of a man demonstrating his multilingual skills to a perplexed Patrick Moore was shown on BBC2 in 1969. This episode of the One Pair of Eyes documentary series followed the late Mr Moore as he met a number of so-called independent thinkers, who were unshackled by conventionality, to learn about their off-the-wall beliefs. Arch sceptic Moore, who presented The Sky at Night until he died aged 89 in December 2012, met pensioner Bernard Byron from Essex in this clip from an episode called Can You Speak Venusian? In a very polite, but stony-faced manner, he grilled Mr Byron about his ability to speak and write Plutonian, Venusian, and even the language of Krugar Planet 60 B. Mr Byron insisted his ability to communicate in alien tongues was sent down to him by aliens from the planets by a mechanical process "through rays".

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