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Daily Photo Shows Ghostly Figure at Weems-Botts Museum

Ghostly Figure at Weems-Botts Museum
Paranormal Researcher David Bennett felt the urge to take some shots of the gazebo on the grounds of the Weems-Botts Museum. He took three photos in succession from the same spot, zooming in on the gazebo and later noticing this same figure in all three photos. 

David and his companions are certain that there was no one physically present in the gazebo when the photos were taken. The Weems-Botts Museum  in Dumfries, VA, continues to be a paranormal hot spot. Investigators have recorded hundreds of EVPs (spirit voices) from this location, including Colonial era residents, Civil War soldiers, and members of the Merchant family, who actually lived in the house from 1869 to 1968. Many paranormal investigators believe some members of the Merchant family may still be present in the house to this day. Now, independent paranormal researcher David Bennett reports that he has captured a photo of one of the Weems-Botts ghosts in the gazebo located on the grounds. The figure appears to be a woman in period clothing, perhaps with a long skirt and a light colored shawl draped over her shoulders.
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