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The Morbach Monster

The Morbach Monster
The town of Wittlich is said to be the last place in Germany where a werewolf has been killed. Thomas Johannes Baptist Schwytzer, a deserter from Napoleon’s Army and a veteran of the disaster at Moscow, is fleeing to his homeland in Alsace. With him are a group of Russians, also deserters. While passing by the village of Wittlich, the hungry soldiers spy a farmhouse and decide to take what they want. In the midst of their scavenging they are discovered by the farmer, whom they promptly murder along with his sons. The farmer's wife, seeing this foul deed lets out a wail and curses Schwitzer. "From now on at each full moon you will change into a rabid wolf!" she screams in her anguish. Schwytzer relieves her suffering by crushing her skull. But the curse works. Gradually a change comes over Schwytzer. He becomes harder, without inhibitions. He robs, rapes, and murders at his pleasure. He soon departs from his fellows who have had enough, and takes up with bandits, and highwaymen. Even these ruffians are appalled at Schwitzer's excesses, so the ex-soldier flees to the sanctuary of the deep forests.

Morbach Werewolf
There the tales of a wolf that walks like a man will spread throughout the countryside. At night men and cattle are brutally slaughtered by the beast. One night Schwytzer spies the beautiful daughter of a local farmer. Her name is Elizabeth Beierle, and in his carnal lust he rapes her. Days later, while by his campfire in the woods, Schwytzer is discovered by a group of villagers who take him for the werewolf. They give chase and corner the fugitive near the village of Morbach. Promptly dispatching Schwytzer, the villagers bury him at a crossing. There a shrine is erected where a candle will burn continually. As long as the candle is lit, so the legend goes, the werewolf will not return. Nine months later, a son is born to Elizabeth Beierles, whom she names Martin. To this day the descendants of this bastard child are a respected family in the vicinity of Morbach, and show no sign of the curse of their infamous ancestor, Thomas Johannes Baptist Schwytzer. That is until 1988.

Event in the Morbach US Air Force ammunition depot

One evening a group of air force personnel are returning to their base at Morbach. Passing the old shrine they notice the candle is out. They begin to laugh and joke about this, for all have heard of the legend of the werewolf. Later, at the base, automatic sirens peal into the night. Someone or something has activated the perimeter fence sensors. While investigating, a security guard spies a large creature, like a wolf, standing on its hind legs. It gazes at the soldier for a moment and then flees, clearing a 3 meter fence with ease. A police dog is brought to track the beast, but upon arriving at the spot where the werewolf was seen, the canine trembles and howls, refusing to go further.

Real Werewolf Footage (Germany 1942)

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