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News Crew Capture “Poltergeist Attack” On Boy

Poltergeist Attack
Jamaica’s CVM News was sent to cover a story of a supposed poltergeist attack on a young boy that has a small town in total bedlam.
The attacks are attributed to a Duppy, a Jamaican word for ghost or spirit. The boy told people that the duppy is a known friend of his who had died.
As the news crew filmed the interview, they captured in several occasions the violent jerks and pulls that the duppy supposedly did on the boy.
In the scenes, you can see as he is being jerked from his legs and body while the people around him frantically react and try to pull the boy away from the unseen forces.
It’s theorized that a poltergeist can be manifested through strong psychokinetic forces that are present in certain people, especially prepubescent girls; in this case, a boy. (View Full Article) 

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