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Exploring the Blue Ghost Tunnel

Blue Ghost Tunnel
The Blue Ghost Tunnel
, also known as "The Merritton Tunnel" due to its proximity to Merritton (now a part of St. Catharines), was constructed in the mid - 1870's as a part of the 3rd Welland Canal.
Also known as "The Great Western Railway Tunnel", it provided passage for the Great Western Railway under the 3rd canal just south of the old lock 18 which is located about 3/4 of a mile east of the "flight locks" of the present 4th canal. The Great Western Railway was absorbed by the Grand Trunk Railway in 1882 and the tunnel became known as "The Grand Trunk Railway Tunnel". The tunnel continued in use until around the time of the First World War when it was replaced by a swing bridge just south of the old lock 17. There was a train wreck adjacent to the tunnel in the early 20th century and the ghosts of the persons killed are alleged for some reason to have chosen to haunt the tunnel. Images of wispy fog and mist are said to provide evidence of this haunting; and the tunnel became known as "The Blue Ghost Tunnel." Large, dark abandoned structures such as this certainly have a spectral atmosphere about them.

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