Archive of the unexplained and paranormal events which happened, we cannot find a logical explanation for them.

UFO/Alien: Connections to the Poltergeist Phenomenon

UFO/AlienThe most primordial accounts of poltergeist activity apparently date back to the ancient Romans; although I would wager older reports existed that were not recorded in text, possibly back in Celtic times.
Erstwhile poltergeist records can be established in the medieval periods in the Far East and also parts of Europe.
The reports signify unexplainable events such as throwing soil, flying objects, horrendous smells, piercing noises, inexplicable lights and otherworldly apparitions.
All these things are at times akin to the still inconsistent reports of contemporary poltergeists and also to some accounts concerning UFO or alien sightings, all of which have created alarm for numerous witnesses. Why precisely poltergeist activity occurs in the first place has been under scrutiny by so-called experts and scientists for decades.
Poltergeists habitually commence and end unpredictably. The distinctive occurrence can last for numerous hours or even several years in the more extreme cases.
Would it be too far-fetched to even imply that such unexplained activity could in fact be of an extraterrestrial nature or is that a misleading perception?
Perhaps, some may suggest, a minority of poltergeist events are occurrences of simply playful aliens having a bit of sport at our expense.
Whereas such a hypothesis may draw gasps of disbelief or even contempt from the conventional parapsychologist it is no less eccentric than some notions I have previously observed. Comparisons between the paranormal and the alien are not that difficult to ascertain.
Perhaps the supernatural and the extraterrestrial are close companions at certain times and as always we do need to keep an open mind...

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