Archive of the unexplained and paranormal events which happened, we cannot find a logical explanation for them.

Townsville Poltergeist

Townsville PoltergeistThis video footage of supposed paranormal activity in a Townsville building has surfaced on YouTube, sparking debate among sceptics and ghost-hunters alike. The man behind the camera, who doesn't want to reveal his identity or the location of the haunted site, has posted numerous short films from his iPhone and a hand-held camera and insists something sinister lurks in the building's basement. The first part of his video showed a bucket rolling and being tossed around the floor of the building while other showed boxes being flipped around the room; a mop swinging violently out towards the camera; tin cans being launched at the roof; light fittings falling out and smashing and even heavy objects like guttering and resting beams being moved or pushed. The cameraman said there was something unusual going on that day.''I check it and go through it the next day.''Sometimes things have happened, other nights there's nothing.'' he said.

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